Jay Richard Hassman “RJ” was born in San Diego, California and has resided around the United States during his life.  Mr. Hassman is a proud graduate of Rim of the World High School in Lake Arrowhead, CA and a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Belford University of California at Los Angeles. Mr. Hassman has an extensive background in the sports and entertainment marketplace.  He has worked with companies such as World Championship Wrestling, Don King Productions, Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Semaphore Entertainment Group creating events and programming for network and cable channels.  While Mr. Hassman was Vice President of WCW Enterprises, he was responsible for negotiating all components of the licensing of WCW programming in syndication, international and domestic licensing programs, venue management, advertising sales, magazine, internet, public relations, merchandising, fulfillment as well as pay-per-view.  By utilizing his business and personal relationships in the fields of sports and entertainment, as well as increasing value to a company based on the intellectual property and merchandise sales, Mr. Hassman has gained experience as a domestic and international consultant.